Saturday, 9 September 2017

Yarrah Cat Food - Review

Just an update on my search for a more ethical brand of cat food, which I kicked off a few posts back.  After deciding against Lily's Kitchen, I got in some of Co-op's own brand cat food as in interim measure, but Daisy wasn't having it - just wouldn't eat it, so now there is a mostly full, rejected box of it in the cupboard.  I'll try and shift it on Freecycle before it goes stale.

As mentioned, I'm using the guide on the Ethical Consumer website to try out cat food brands that are more ethical than Go-Cat.  Whilst this is the majority of cat foods, the choices that I can buy locally were not inspiring.  So I took to the internet, and ordered the Yarrah organic dried cat food with fish from Planet Organic.  Yarrah scores 16 out of 20 on the ratings table, so it's pretty near the top.

With a 10% discount for my first order, this 800g bag cost £5.84.  I reckon I'd need two bags a month to keep Daisy fed, so it's expensive, but not prohibitively so.  Also, I'll be able to buy it in 3kg packs, which takes a bit off the price. 

The only issue with buying in bulk is that Daisy might go off it. But that's how it rolls with cats - their picky nature has to be accepted! 

But so far, Daisy likes her Yarrah!  I mixed it with her old cat food for a while to get her used to it, and all seems to be well.  The only problem is that, as with so many organic products, it comes in plastic.  I have no idea why this should be, but that may be a subject for another post. 

The verdict: we'll stick with Yarrah and see how it goes.  If I find a good alternative with better packaging, we'll try that, but for now it seems like a good choice.  Especially if it results in a content, well-fed kitty.

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