Sunday, 10 September 2017

Cooking my way through....

Lately, I've got into a bit of a food rut.  As in, I've started to get a bit tired of the usual things I eat from day to day.  During the week, I rely quite a lot on, for example, pasta and pesto, because it's quick, easy and tasty.  At the weekends, I normally cook up a curry or a tagine of some kind.  But it tends to be the same things over and over again.  To the point where, lately, I'll find myself just having a bowl of cereal for tea rather than cook, due to a serious lack of inspiration.

Set against that, I have loads of cook books in the house, and with many of them, I've only tried one or two recipes and not explored any further.

So, with a pile of unused cook books, and a spell of eating ennui setting in, I've decided to choose one at a time and cook my way through it over a few weeks.  Not every last recipe, but picking out the ones that appeal, or that are a bit different to my normal fare. 

First up is Slim and Healthy Vegetarian, by Judith Wills, and modelled here by Daisy. 

This is quite an old book, it was published in 1994.  Nonetheless, I've held onto it as there's some good stuff in here.  Previously, I've made the Black Bean Soup, the Spanish Chickpeas, and the Bombay Supper from it. 

Glancing through it now, I really like the sound of the following:
  • Italian Artichokes
  • Marinated Aubergine and Tomato
  • Avocado and Tofu Dip
  • Hereford Hot-Pot
Hopefully, muesli as an evening meal will be put on the back burner for a while.

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