Sunday, 27 August 2017

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box - August 2017 - review

My TVK (The Vegan Kind) August beauty box arrived a week or two ago, and here are this month's goodies.   This box is quarterly, which works well for me as I don't get through the products any too quickly.  In fact, I'm thinking of stopping the subscription for a bit, as I've got quite a lot of stuff piling up now.

Of this box, my favourite is the little Eden 10ml perfume sample of 'Daisy'.  It's fresh, floral, and smells quite sophisticated.  I don't use loads of perfume, so 10ml will last for a while. 
The tin on the far right of the picture is Figs and Rouge Hydra-Activ 3 in 1 Hero Cream.  Unfortunately, I had to give it to my partner as I didn't really like the scent.  However, the cream had a good, rich texture, and I'd imagine it would do the job pretty well.  no feedback from my partner as yet...
In the centre is Chirp Body Softnest 100% Natural Hair Mask - it smells lovely, but I haven't tried it yet...
The Zerreau Waterless Body Wash is a foam that you apply to yourself, and then towel off again to, as is suggests, have a wash without water.  It smells pleasant, and produces quite a lot of foam which seems to work pretty well.  I wouldn't want to rely on it for too long, but it would work well in an emergency situ.
And lastly, the little Tisserand Happy Aromatherapy Roller Ball.  This contains bergamot, lemon tea tree and nutmeg oils, and it's quite a strong,earthy scent.  It's the sort of thing I would use at work, just to have a little rub on your wrists for quick burst of fragrance that won't overpower everybody.  I think it'll be a nice thing to use coming into the autumn months. 
(There was also supposed to be a little sachet of Faith in Nature shampoo, but it didn't make it into the box.  Never mind...)
This month's chosen charity is Animal Free Research UK, which I'm happy to see supported. 
Like I said, I may not get another box for a while - I need to prioritise using up the stuff I have already, but I'll be reviewing products in more depth as I get through them.  A TVK subscription is a lovely way to find new cruelty-free delights, so I'll be looking forward to my next one, whenever that might be.


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