Sunday, 13 August 2017

Charity shop mini-haul

Another mini-haul! I've noticed that a lot of charity shops are charging much higher prices than they used to.  Of course they have to make money for the charity, but when they start to charge the same as it would cost to buy things new, it gets a bit much.  Recently, I've seen things like cafetieres for around £10!  It's not really an incentive to buy second hand if you can buy new for about the same money.

Set against that, my local RSPCA charity shop likes to keep its prices down, and I picked up these little bargains on my last trip there.

1) A piece of fabric, £1.  The colours are so vivid, and it's going to be big enough to make a great shopping bag.
2) A little compact Denman brush/mirror, 20p.  I travel quite a lot for work, and this is a really dinky little brush that I can keep in my travel bag, all ready to go.
3) Food for Free, by Richard Mabey, £1.49.  This is a book about foraging for food, including plants, fungi and seaweed.  I'm kind of nervous about foraging, so I'll avoid mushrooms for now, but I want to give it a go with the non-fungi items. 

Food for Free was published in 1972, but is still in print, and has been updated with more colour illustrations.  The original has lovely little drawings of the plants, although I'd still want to cross-reference with another source before eating anything, just to be sure...

This is the little Denman brush opened out, complete with mirror.


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