Thursday, 23 November 2017

Thrifted Thursday - recent frugal charity shop finds

As an antidote to Black Friday, and on a different day, here are my recent finds from my local charity shops.  It's a little home wares haul this time, and all the pieces are already being loved and used in my house. 

Even with charity shop visits, I have started a process of not buying something I like there and then.  Regardless of how inexpensive it might be, it's still a waste of money if you buy on impulse, and that item just becomes another unit of clutter.  So I spotted all these items on the first trip round the shops, but left it till the next day to go back and buy them. 

This way, if I've forgotten about something I've seen, then I can't have wanted it that badly in the first place.  If an item has been sold by the time I get back to the shop, then the decision is taken out of my hands.  If I go back in search of something, and it's still there, and I'm sure I'll use/enjoy it, then I'll go ahead and buy my thrifty little treasures. 

So this time round, I got:

1) A couple of plant pots.  Their simple, minimal designs caught my eye, and they were under £2 each. 
Thrifted recent frugal charity shop finds

2) A ceramic pot with a lid, which says Le Bain on the front.  As the name suggests, I've put it to use in the bathroom, to store cotton buds and cotton face pads. It cost £3.

3) The candle dish that the red candle is sitting on, which was £1.

4) And finally, a plate, originally from M&S, for £3.99.  I loved this complex peacock pattern at first sight, and I'm using it as a decorative item rather than as a dinner plate.  It would do as a serving plate if I was ever to find myself in need of making canapés available to guests (not something that happens very often...).

So that's my haul.  No Black Friday stress, no need to trouble the overdraft, and I've given a little bit of cash to charity into the bargain.  It's all good...!


  1. I love those plant pots, they will look very nice when you have planted them up. Quite a bargain! Meg:)

    1. They really will, Meg, just as soon as I find a couple of plants that are the right size! (At the moment I have my mint and lemon thyme plants in them, but they are too small, and look a bit wrong in scale...!)