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I'm Elaine, and here on Round in Spirals, I blog about cruelty-free skincare and beauty, which I have been passionate about for many years now.  It has been great to see so many natural and organic ranges appear in more recent years, and I love trying out new brands. 

Alongside these interests, you will find posts dedicated to my charity shop finds (a favourite hobby), and my attempts to live more frugally, and to make better and more ethical choices.  I have recently become a decluttering convert, so future posts will focus on my continuing quest to live better with less stuff. 

Basic facts about me:  I am originally from Ireland, but I now live in Northumberland, in the far north of England.  For most of my life, I have lived close to the sea, and I count myself very lucky enough to have beautiful views like this within easy reach...

I'm 46, and I have a partner, but no children.  I do have a cat called Daisy - as I work from home, she is my furry sidekick and constant companion...


Thanks for reading - I hope you enjoy the blog...!


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